Vacuum Storage

Storing food in high vacuum prolongs food's shelf life in a natural way and preserves food's freshness.

Vacuum packing machines

Storing food in vacuum sealed bags prolongs food's shelf life and freshness in a natural way.

Vacuum bags and foil rolls

Impermeable, food safe, neutral in taste and smell and reusable vacuum bags.

Sous vide cooking

Tastier food with less effort. Cook with Sous Vide machines to achieve professional results.

Full tritan vacuum containers

Durable material for long lifespan. Transparent to keep your food seen at a glance.

Rectangular vacuum containers

Rectangular containers saves space and can be stored in piles.

Square vacuum containers

Square airtight containers will prevent any unpleasant odours in your refrigerator.

Round vacuum containers

Round shaped containers for everyday storage.

Baby food vacuum containers

Home or on the go, vacuum containers for baby food.

Status KLIKI

"Keep fresh and ready to go" vacuum closing system

Glass vacuum containers

For all those that prefer natural materials. One dish for storing, baking and reheating.

Drip trays

Drip trays are designed for storing moist and wet food in vacuum containers.

Vacuum jug

Vacuum jug is perfect for storing freshly squeezed juices, milk and other drinks.

Vacuum lids

Vacuum seal food from opened tins, bags or containers.

Vacuum stoppers

Maintain the freshness of quality wines and other drinks.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a necessary component part for removing air from a container, bottle or bowl.

Sets of vacuum items

Different sets can be perfect gifts.