Storage containers

With fresh and modern look this containers are designed for everyday use.

Food storage container, 0.75L

Small rectangular container for storing coffee, tea, nuts, spices and a whole lot more! Neatly store and impermeably seal your food.

Food storage container, 1L

Container is convenient for storing food in refrigerator (cheese, salami, garlic, onions, small pieces of fruit) and in cabinets (hazelnuts, cookies, groats, jelly beans).

Food storage container, 1.5L

For tidy cabinets, shelves, refrigerator and freezer. For storing cold cuts, cheese, fruit, vegetables, eggs, pieces of dried fruit, pastries etc. Also suitable for heating up dishes in a microwave oven.

Food storage container, 2L

Store food (vegetables, fruit, meat, bread etc.) and extend its freshness in the 3L container. It is designed to be user-friendly and appealing, and is made of quality SAN material.

Food storage container, 3L

The biggest of short containers. Not only can it hold all types of food and pre-prepared snacks and dishes, it can also store the 1.5L and the 0.75L containers. Convenient and of high quality. Appealing and combined with happy colours.

Food storage container, 4L

The biggest among the food storage containers offers the greatest variety of usage. It is suitable for storing all types of vegetables, fruit and bread delicacies, pastries and pre-prepared dishes for the road.

3-piece set of smaller food storage containers

Set of three short containers with volumes of 0.75 l, 1.5 l and 3 l for storing all types of food. Maximize the space in the kitchen and place containers one inside the other. Store food in quality containers which do not absorb food's colour or odour.

3-piece set of bigger food storage containers

You can store any type of food in them – everything from sugar to bread. The three-part set of tall containers with volumes of 1 l, 2 l and 4 l. Place empty containers one inside the other to minimise the use of space.