Rectangular vacuum containers

Rectangular containers saves space and can be stored in piles.

Rectangular vacuum container 0.5 litre

The smallest vacuum container is great for storing sugar, coffee, herbs, spices and sweet treats.

Rectangular vacuum container 0.8 litre

Use this container for storing sugar, coffee, herbs, salami, cheese, sweet treats, excess food, sauces and many more.

Rectangular vacuum container 1.4 litre

Use it for storing fresh meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Containers are available in different colours.

Rectangular vacuum container 2 litre

Save bread, fruit and vegetable in convenient vacuum container volume 2 litre.

Rectangular vacuum container 3 litre

Storage in vacuum containers extends food freshness.

Rectangular vacuum container 4.5 litre

For everyday vacuum storage. Vacuum container volume 4.5 litre

5-set of smaller rectangular vacuum containers

Vacuum containers are indispensible in every kitchen, they are space efficient, making it easy to keep your foods fresh and your kitchen organized.

5-set of bigger rectangular vacuum containers

With two big containers this set is great for storing a lot of food. Food in vacuum remains fresh up to 4 times longer.