World of spices, 5-piece set

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Think about your favourite spice. Is it pepper? Did you know that ground pepper you shake on your salad was once worth its weight in gold? Use high quality spice grinder and spice jars. Use spices on every dish.

Use one spice grinder to grind different spices stored in separate jars.  


Do you always want to add some salt or pepper to your soup? One spice grinder and 3 spice jars will hold all your favourite spices on the reach.

Set includes:

  • spice grinder,
  • 3 glass bottles and
  • a stand.

Spice grinder comes with a Crushgrind ceramic core with a 5-year warranty. One spice grinder is enough for all spices. It efficiently grinds all kinds of salt, pepper, sugar, dried herbs and spices and even dried chilli or flax seeds.

Store and preserve spices in spice jars. One grinder, many spice jars - exchanged with ease.

The stand serves as a perfect dinner table decoration and is designed for storing the grinder and all three spice jars.


  • Put herb or spice in a spice jar.
  • Screw the upper part (grinder) in the jar.
  • Twist and grind the spices. Thanks to the integrated return mechanism you can grind without changing your grip.
  • By moving the grey screw to the left or to the right you can regulate the thickness of grinded spice.


Spice jar: wash manually or in the dishwasher with a normally available detergent.

Spice grinder: Some spices contain large amounts of oil and can block the milling mechanism. Cleaning is best performed by milling some salt. Alternatively, you can remove the lower component by unscrewing the grey adjustment wheel and clean it with a small brush.

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