Wide foil rolls, 280 x 3000 mm, 3-piece set

How to Choose Quality Vacuum Packing Foil

Quality vacuum packing foil ensures high quality of stored food even after longer periods of time. The foil prevents the food to lose its taste, flavour and freshness.

The basic idea is simple. The more material is used for manufacture of vacuum packing bags, the longer is the preservation time of stored food. Such thick vacuum bags have strong and impermeable seals ensuring quality long-term storage of food.

In technical terms: foil produced from larger volumes of material has a thicker and more ribbed profile. (Status bags are 130 µm thick). The foil has a firm channel structure. Vacuum bags made from such foil can be used with all conventional vacuum packing machines and always produce flawless vacuum packing results.

Wide foil rolls, 280 x 3000 mm, 3-piece set

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Save money by buying food in larger packages. Vacuum pack and store food as individual meals. Buy seasonal food and preserve its quality by storing it in Status vacuum packing foil. Wide foil rolls can be used for storing:

  • smoked ham, larger pieces of cheese, larger quantities of meat from local farms
  • home baked bread, nut rolls, biscuits
  • fruits and vegetables for winter stores

Wide foil rolls are 3000 mm long and 280 mm wide. Each set contains three foil rolls.

Vacuum rolls are developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


Foil rolls are used to store and vacuum pack food with the help of vacuum packing machines. Vacuum packing bags made from foil rolls are sized according to your individual needs, stored food remains fresh and its quality preserved even longer. Bags are:

  • impermeable
  • food safe
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • reusable
  • useful also as cooking bags


Wide foil rolls are used to pack larger pieces of food. First, make a vacuum packing bag of desired length.

  • Determine the length needed.
  • Cut the foil in a straight line and place it on the sealing strip of your vacuum packing machine.
  • Press the Seal button.
  • Wait for the vacuum packing machine to finish the sealing process.
  • Check the seal. It should be completely smooth.

When the bag is made, place the food into the bag and vacuum pack it.

  • Place the filled bag between both sealing strips of your vacuum packing machine.
  • Close the lid and press the Bag button.
  • Wait for the machine to suck out air and finish the vacuum packing process.
  • Check the seal. It should be completely smooth.

Delicious food is safely stored and prepared for long-term storage.

Maintenance and Materials


Clean vacuum packing bags in your dishwasher or under tap water. Before reusing them, make sure they are completely dry.


  • Vacuum bags are made of double layer PA/PE foil. PA layer functions as an impermeable material and PE layer as a sealing material.
  • The foil is 100 and 130 µm (microns) thick, which is a professional thickness (conventional bags are 20 µ thick).

Did You Know

Bags made of wide foil rolls are reusable as long as their length allows their reuse. Individual bags can be opened and resealed also along their sides (turned by 90 degrees) by which their life span is again prolonged.

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