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Vacuum stopper is intended for sealing and vacuum packing of beverage in the bottles. It is especially useful with bottles, which are not completely depleted.

With vacuum storing of beverages their shelf life, freshness and flavour are extended.

Universal vacuum pins are intended to store any food in glass jars or any PP plastic container with sealing ring on the lid to ensure airtight closure. Save your meal the best way: in vacuum!


Vacuum stopper is intended for sealing and vacuum packing of beverage in the bottles. The beverages are safely stored in vacuum and they stay in the same condition as before, at the time of opening the originally closed bottle.

Especially suitable for freshly squeezed natural juices that are likely to spoil quickly.

Use vacuum stopper to vacuum store:

  • wine,
  • juices
  • and other beverages.

Use universal vacuum pins to vacuum store:

  • pickled food after the original packaging was opened,
  • jams and marmelade when you opened them and wait in the refrigerator until next use,
  • home made meals to go in plastic containers.


Vacuum stoppers

  • Open a bottle and pour wine in a glass.
  • To vacuum store the botlle of wine, place the vacuum stopper on the bottle.
  • Vacuum pump the air out of the bottle using manual vacuum pump.
  • The bottle is closed, wine is safely stored in vacuum.

To open the bottle again press the valve on stopper. You will hear the air flow. Detach the stopper and the bottle is opened. You can vacuum the bottle as many times as you want.

Universal vacuum pin

  • Close the canning jar or your PP container with the lid (make sure the lid of PP container has a sealing ring on the edge to ensure airtightness).
  • Use grey hole maker to make a hole in the lid of the canning jar or PP plastic container lid. Hole maker is grey attachment on the pumps handle.
  • Attach the red universal vacuum pin through the pierced hole.
  • Place the Vacuum Pump over the red Pin and vacuum seal by actuating the pump several times until the resistance is noticeable.
  • Your food is safely stored in vacuum.


  • Vacuum stoppers should be cleaned prior to initial use. Wash them under running water using normal washind up liquid or in a dishwasher. Do not use abasive sponges to avoid schratches.
  • Vacuum pump should only be cleaned with a moist cloth. To ensure smooth movement, the outer tube should be lubricated on the inside with edible oil. Do not wash the pump in the dishwasher. Do not use any abrasive pads, rough cloths, sponges or abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Silicone universal vacuum pins can be cleaned with normal washing up liquid or in the dishwasher. 


Vacuum stoppers and manual vacuum pump are made of ABS plastic body and silicone sealing parts. Universal vacuum pins are made of silicone.

Both materials are health-friendly and safe to use with food.


  • manual vacuum pump special edition (grey)

  • 3 vacuum stoppers
  • 5 universal vacuum pins 

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