Vacuum Stopper

Did you know

Manual vacuum pump is necessary for vacuum packing with Vacuum Stopper. Its task is to remove the air from the bottle to establish high vacuum. The vacuum does not prevent bacterial growth. For this reason, perishable goods must be stored in the fridge after vacuuming. However, the perishability is considerably extended.

Vacuum Stopper

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Vacuum stopper is intended for sealing and vacuum packing of beverage in the bottles. It is especially useful with bottles, which are not completely depleted. We use it by vacuum packing of wine, juices and other beverages.

By vacuum packing of beverages, we extend its shelf life, freshness and flavour.


Only by means of vacuum storage, i.e. removing oxygen from the packaging with the help of vacuum pump, we can create an environment in which food’s shelf life is prolonged. Users who already came to know and tried vacuum food storage are pleased to recommend it to others as well.


  • Push the stopper into the bottle and place the Vacuum Pump on the Valve located in the centre of the stopper.
  • Remove the air from the bottle by actuating the Pump several times until resistance is noticeable. 
  • To open the bottle, press the Valve in the centre of the stopper. When the air has escaped, pull out the stopper from the bottle.

Maintenance and materials


Vacuum Stoppers basically do not need cleaning. If the cleaning becomes necessary, use a sponge or wet cloth. In extreme cases (if the stopper gets really dirty) we can wash it in a dish washer, but we must remove the Valve from the stopper before then.


The Vacuum Stopper is made from ABS plastics, which ensures long duration and usability of the product. The sealing part is from silicone. Both materials are food safe.

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