Vacuum lid 3

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Vacuum lid 3 fit onto different-sized containers, bowls, tin cans, glasses, metal and stainless steel cooking pots, plastic, glass or ceramic dishes and glass jars with an inside diameter of between 6 and 12 cm.

Use it to vacuum pack salads, snacks, desserts and other fresh food in your own dishes.


Vacuum lids are indispensable in every kitchen. They are intended for natural storing of food and extending shelf life of raw and boiled food without losing its quality. Storing in the refrigerator, pantry or packaging that extends food freshness does not prevent the oxygen coming in contact with food.


Prerequisites: The edge of the container must be smooth, which means it should not have any damage, such as notches, curvatures, indentations, lid clips or any other damage/decorations.

  • It is necessary to use Status vacuum pump.
  • Pump the air out in seconds. Just place the pump in the middle of the Lid, a few pumps and the food is hermetically sealed.
  • Done! The freshness and shelf life of foods is extended.


Always wash the Vacuum Lid thoroughly by hand or in the dishwasher with conventional detergent before it is used for the first time. The wide silicone ring on the underside of the Vacuum Lid can be removed for cleaning.

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