Vacuum jug

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To ensure that vacuumed food remains fresh, a check must be made every few days to ensure that the vacuum is present.  Please convince yourself once more by pumping until resistance is noticeable.

The vacuum within the container does not prevent bacterial growth. For this reason, perishable goods must be stored in the fridge after vacuuming.  However, the perishability is considerably extended.

Vacuum jug

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Juices are full of vitamins! Status vacuum jug is perfect for storing freshly squeezed juices, milk and other drinks. Storing drinks in vacuum prolongs their freshness and flavour. We save money and ensure hygienic storage with no unpleasant odours.

The 1-litre vacuum jug is specially designed to fit handily into the refrigerator door shelf. For vacuum storage it is necessary to use a vacuum pump.


The jug’s volume is 1 litre. Its shape (27 x 14,5 x 10 cm) is specially designed for storage in refrigerator door. The jug is great for vacuum storage of freshly-squeezed juices, other beverages and milk. A vacuum pump is necessary for vacuum packing operation.


  • Fill the jug to maximum 1,5 mm below the edge.
  • Close the jug with the lid and place the vacuum pump on the valve located in the centre of the lid.
  • Remove the air from the jug by actuating the pump several times until resistance is noticeable. 
  • To open the jug, press the valve in the centre of the lid. You can hear the noise of the air coming out.

Maintenance and materials


The jug should be cleaned prior to initial use. It can be cleaned with normal washing up liquid or in the dishwasher. Do not use any abrasive pads, rough cloths, sponges or abrasive cleaning agents.


Jug is made of BPA FREE material.

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