Vacuum Bags for Salami, 550 x 120 mm, 100-set

Did you know

When vacuum packing salami bags, you can vacuum pack two bags at the same time. Just place both bags on the sealing strip of your vacuum packing machine next to each other and proceed with the rest of the vacuum packing process as usual. Bags will be vacuum packed normally but the work will be done in half the time.

Vacuum pack two bags of salami at the same time.

Vacuum pack two bags of salami at the same time.

NEW Vacuum Bags for Salami, 550 x 120 mm, 100-set

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Sets of 100 bags are ideal for those who vacuum pack their food year round. Salami in the winter and vegetable and fruit in the summer. Bags are 120 mm wide and 550 mm long, which is just the right size for common salami or carrots and leek. The set contains 100 bags.

Salami bags are also useful for storing:

  • homemade salami and smoked bacon,
  • sliced carrots, cherry tomatoes, peas and asparagus,
  • nuts and hazelnuts,
  • spaghetti and other pasta for the road.
Vacuum bags are developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


Salami bags are used to store and vacuum pack salami by means of vacuum packing machines. Cured meat stored in vacuum stays fresh and preserved even longer.

Salami bags are:

  • impermeable,
  • food safe,
  • neutral in taste and smell,
  • reusable and
  • useful as cooking bags ("sous vide").


We recommend a little trick to keep your salami vacuum packed properly throughout the year. Before putting salami into a vacuum bag, fold the edges of the bag outwards. In this way the sealed part of the bag will be kept clean, dry and above all not greasy. The seal of the bag will stay neat and clean, it will not loosen with time and the bag will stay vacuum packed properly.

For storing salami in vacuum you will need a vacuum packing machine. Before using the machine for the first time, please read the attached user manual or watch the demonstration video.

Maintenance and materials


Salami bags can be reused as long as their length allows them. Turn bags inside out and wash them in your dishwasher or under tap water. Before reusing bags, make sure they are completely dry.


  • Vacuum bags are made of double layer PA/PE foil. PA layer functions as an impermeable material and PE layer as a sealing material.
  • The foil is 100 and 130 µm (microns) thick, which is a professional thickness (standard bags are 20 µ thick).

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