V-Shape Slicer


Do not use the slicer to cut bone-in meat or homemade bacon with a hard outer layer.   

Culinary Advice:  

Not long ago we saw a chef in a TV cooking show use our V-shape slicer to prepare carpaccio. Try it yourself and see how amazing the results are!

A satisfied customer once said that Status’s V-shape slicer is a wicked kitchen accessory. Wicked was meant in a positive sense. She used the slicer to slice black radish and the slices produced were so thin she could read comics through them.

V-Shape Slicer

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A high quality slicing blade as well as simple and versatile usage of the slicer are proven facts! The Status team believes that our V-shape slicer is a MUST in every kitchen.

The V-shape slicer is best suited for:

  • slicing all kinds of vegetables and fruits, even rounded (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and apples),
  • slicing cheese (Parmesan and mozzarella),
  • slicing dense sorts of bread (buckwheat, rye and others),
  • slicing dried meat products (salami and ham).

Status’s V-shape slicer is an excellent vegetable slicing tool. For example, it can be used for slicing cabbage for salads – simple and quick operation over a bowl.

The V-shape slicer is also great for vineyard cottages: dried meat products, bread and onion will be sliced in seconds! According to our customers, it proved to be very useful on vacations and at picnics. 


Status’s V-shape slicer will ease the process of preparing food and turn it into a fun experience. Your fingers will remain unharmed and food items will be sliced nicely.  

The V-shape slicer is the best vegetable slicing tool thanks to the following:

  • adjustable thickness of slices, from paper thin to 6mm;
  • V-shape blade and movable glide plate producing slices of uniform thickness;
  • convenient food holder that protects your fingers, facilitates the slicing process and allows you to slice food items to the last bit;
  • the process of preparing food (e.g. cabbage salad) is faster and easier;
  • safety lock to protect your fingers also when storing the slicer;
  • food items are sliced in a few moments, leaving you more time for other things (e.g. quality time with your friends);
  • it is available in different trendy colours – choose the one that suits you best. 


  • Turn the V-shape slicer around and set the desired thickness of slices.  
  • When slicing vegetables for salads (e.g. cabbage salad), lean the slicer with its non-slip rubber feet against the counter, plate, chopping board, bowl etc.  
  • Skewer the food item onto metal prongs inside the food holder to hold it in place securely (especially important when slicing round food items).  
  • The food holder should be turned in the right way, all arrows pointing in the direction of cutting.  
  • Move the holder back and forth pressing down the food item. Just few slides along the slicer will do the job.

Tip: we recommend you use the food holder every time, especially when you want to slice the whole food item, to the last bit.

Maintenance and Materials


Wash the slicer before using it for the first time. You should clean the slicer immediately after use. Rinse it under lukewarm tap water (e.g. using a kitchen brush). In order to maintain the sharpness of the blade, never wash the slicer in the dishwasher.

NOTE: The blade is very sharp. When storing or cleaning the V-shape slicer, keep it locked at all times!


V-shape blade is made of stainless steel, the main part of ABS plastic and non-slip feet of evoprene (soft, non-slip material).

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