Status Provac 360 vacuum packing machine

Did you know?

Did you know that Provac 360 enables vacuum packing of three salami bags at the same time due to 36 cm long sealing strip?

Just place them one along the other and start. Your vacuum packing is quicker and you save a lot of time if you have large quantities of foodstuffs to store.


Did you know that you save vacuum bags using Status Stiki?

This reusable double sided sticky tape helps you keep the bag on place, so it does not move and crease.

Status Provac 360 vacuum packing machine

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Provac 360 is a vacuum packing machine for professional use: for cheeseries, butcheries, professional kitchens, and other food production facilities, which store large quantities of foodstuffs daily.

The result are vacuum packed foodstuffs ready for sales or transport.

Super strong and super fast! The machine is equipped with a double pump with the capacity of 30 L/min. It achieves negative pressure of approx. - 900 mbar in mere seconds. With dual sealing bars and an active measuring system of the sealing bar temperature. 

Maximum vacuum bag width is 35 cm.


Status Provac represents the new generation of Status vacuum packing machines, designed to be even more user-friendly. 

  • NEW! Status SmartSeal: active sealing, which, due to automatic temperature adjustments, ensures exceptionally fast vacuum cycles and saves energy.
  • NEW! Status Smart Open/Lock: automatic opening and closing of the lid and the simplest unlocking and locking of any such appliance in the world.
  • NEW! Status Stiki: reusable double-sided sticky tape ensures economical bag use and simple bag placement in the vacuum packing machine.

The length of the vacuum channel and sealing strips is 36 cm, which enables you to vacuum pack two or more smaller bags at the same time.

No worries when it comes to vacuum packing of high moisture foodstuffs. In the case of drawing in liquid, the machine stops operating and the liquid trap light turns on.


Attach the Status Stiki double-sided adhesive tape before the first use.

Provac 360 has two main functions: auto mode and manual mode. There are another two functions under manual mode - vacuum sealing of vacuum containers and lids and marinating mode.

Start the vacuum packing process by choosing the appropriate mode - AUTO or MANUAL.

Auto mode

Use auto mode to vacuum pack solid and firm foodstuffs (cured meat products, hard cheeses).

  • Place the foodstuff into a bag. The bag should always be approx. 5 cm longer than the length of the foodstuff, which is to be vacuum packed.
  • Position the bag between the sealing gaskets; the position marker in the vacuum channel delineates where to position the bag.
  • Use the Status Stiki tape to ensure that the bag remains in the correct place and without creases.
  • The handle on the lid should be in the Unlock position.
  • Hold the grip on the lid, lower the lid and hold it in place for a few seconds. The machine will start automatically.
  • The foodstuff in the bag is now vacuum packed and sealed with a double seal. The lid will lift automatically.
  • Detach the bag from the Status Stiki double-sided adhesive tape.

Manual mode

Use manual mode for vacuum packing delicate and moist foodstuffs (fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cakes, soft cheeses). RECOMMENDATION: Keep moist and soft foodstuffs in a freezer for 1 to 2 hours prior vacuum packing. This way foodstuffs will retain their shape completely and there will be no risk of liquid seeping into the vacuum channel.

  • Press MANUAL mode button.
  • Place the foodstuff into a bag. The bag should always be app. 5 cm longer than the length of the foodstuff, which is to be vacuum packed.
  • Place the bag between the gaskets all the way to the barrier in the middle of the vacuum channel (use the Status Stiki self-adhesive tape to ensure the bag will remain in the correct position).
  • Take the lid by the grip, close the lid, and move the handle on the lid in the LOCK position.
  • Vacuum pack by pressing and holding the Pulse Vac button. (When you hold “Pulse Vac” down the vacuum pump is running, when you release the button the operation stops.) Finish the process by pressing the Seal button (the SEAL light turns on).
  • When the sealing process is concluded (the Seal light turns off), unlock the machine using the handle (Unlock) and the lid open automatically.

Vacuum sealing of vacuum containers and lids

A tube with an attachment for the vacuum sealing of Status vacuum packing accessories (containers, lids, jug, sealer, and stoppers) is included in the set.

  • Connect the aperture of the tube to the attachment located on the extreme left edge of the vacuum channel.
  • Slide the attachment at the other end of the tube onto the valve of the chosen vacuum container (the valve is the round part at the centre of the lid).
  • Press Container. Once the preset negative pressure is achieved inside the container, the process ends automatically.


The marinating process runs much faster in vacuum since, by extracting air we open the pores of the foodstuffs allowing for marinade to be absorbed faster. By performing a series of consecutive vacuum packing and unpacking operations it is possible to achieve the same effect in 20 minutes that would otherwise take several hours to attain. NOTE: The tube with the vacuum packing attachment is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

  • Connect the tube aperture to the attachment on the extreme left edge of the vacuum channel.
  • Connect it onto the valve of the container for marinating.
  • Press Marinator, and the marinating programme will start. The programme is entirely automated and lasts 18 minutes all together. The light MARINATOR blinks.
  • Once the light turns off, the programme is concluded and the machine enters stand-by mode.


  • 1 Status Provac 360 professional vacuum packing machine
  • 1 foil roll, 280 mm x 3000 mm
  • 1 foil roll, 350 mm x 3000 mm
  • 5 vacuum bags, 200 mm x 280 mm
  • 5 vacuum bags, 120 mm x 550 mm
  • 5 double-sided Status Stiki adhesive tapes
  • 1 accessory hose used for vacuum packing of containers
  • 1 manual cutter used for cutting foil
  • 1 user manual


Provac 360 is an electric machine and needs to be disconnected from power prior to cleaning. Clean the machine with a smooth, slightly damp cloth.

Never submerge the machine in water or place it under running water.

Never squirt detergent directly onto or into the machine.


The warranty for the machine is valid for five years with the evidence of a signed warranty certificate.

Before using the machine, read the User Manual and save it. Follow the instructions on how to store different foods.

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Hello, i‘m from Germany!
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