STATUS HV500 Vacuum Packing Machine

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Why vacuum pack? Because it extends the quality and shelf life of food up to four times – the food you save for the winter, as well as the one you store in vacuum containers in your refrigerator every day. With the help of a vacuum packing machine you can store dried meat products, fresh meat and fish, fresh vegetables and vegetables blanched for the winter, cheeses, pasta, dried fruit, bread and other food.

STATUS HV500 Vacuum Packing Machine

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STATUS HV500 is a household appliance for vacuuming and welding vacuum bags and containers. It is intended for users who prefer the ease and not vacuuming large amounts of food every day, but still require excellence of stored food.

Recommended for smaller households, which are storing garden-grown vegetables and produce a small amount of meat products and to all those who are aware of the importance of vacuum packing and want to try it out, but do not know where to start. 

Vacuum packing machine HV500 is developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


STATUS HV500 is intended for users who like simplicity and do not vacuum pack large quantities of food daily, but still demand excellence from their stored foods. We recommend it for smaller households that store vegetables from their home garden and produce smaller quantities of dried meat products.

The machine is small, so it fits on every kitchen counter. It is a great choice for families living in cities that value quality food and enjoy healthy nutrition throughout the year.

STATUS HV500 has the following properties:

  • Automatic vacuum packing function (the machine vacuum packs food and automatically stops the process when it reaches negative pressure of -750 Mbar)
  • Manual vacuum packing function for vacuum packing sensitive and soft foods (the process is stopped manually)
  • Accessory hose for vacuum packing Status vacuum containers and other vacuum accessories
  • Protective container for excess liquid
  • Electronic system adapted to approx. 10.000 vacuum packing cycles 


The automatic vacuum function for solid foods and dried meat products:

  • First make a bag out of the foil roll. Cut the needed length, place the edge of the bag on the sealing strip, close the machine and press the Seal button.
  • Place the food in the bag, close the machine and press the Vacuum Packing of Bags button.

When vacuum packing sensitive foods and food containing plenty of water (cucumbers, cabbage, fresh meat, etc.) use the manual function and side locks:

  • Place the food in the bag, lock the machine with side locks and press Vacuum Packing of Bags/Start button.
  • When enough air is sucked out, press the Stop button.
  • Unlock the machine. The food in the bag is ready to be put in the freezer.

Vacuum packing other vacuum accessories (containers, lids, jar, etc.) with STATUS HV500:

  • Use the hose with connector. Adjust the accessory hose on the vacuum packing machine and the bell-shaped part on the valve of the vacuum container.
  • Press Vacuum Packing of Container.


STATUS HV500 is an electric device and must be unplugged from the electrical circuit before cleaning. Clean it with a slightly damp cloth. Keep the machine away from water. We recommend that you thoroughly clean it after each usage.

Included in set

  • 1 STATUS HV500 vacuum packing machine
  • 1 narrow foil roll, size 200 x 1500 mm
  • 1 wide foil roll, size 280 x 1500 mm
  • 3 small vacuum bags, size 200 x 280 mm
  • 3 large vacuum bags, size 280 x 360 mm
  • port for vacuuming the vacuum vessel and other vacuum devices
  • blade for cutting foil
  • user manual


STATUS HV500 has a two years warranty with the evidence of a signed warranty certificate.

Do not use the vacuum packing machine to pack foods containing a lot of water! In case liquid accidentally enters the system, the protective container at the bottom of the device allows for smaller amounts of excess liquid to gather and be removed.

A vacuum slows but cannot prevent the growth of bacteria, so always store food in a refrigerator.

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