STATUS EV500 Vacuum Packing Machine

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Larger packings of food are usually a lot cheaper than the smaller ones. We recommend you buy cheese in its original packing (it's even better if you buy it when it is discounted) and store it in smaller pieces. This way all the pieces will preserve their quality for a long time.

We often get quality domestic chesses, such as sheep and goat cheeses and big pieces of Italian Parmesan, as gifts. Cut them in small pieces and store them in a vacuum bag.

STATUS EV500 Vacuum Packing Machine

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STATUS EV500 vacuum packing machine is a household vacuum packing and sealing machine for long-term storing of food in vacuum. It maintains the quality of food, extends its shelf life, and saves time and money.

It’s powerful enough for vacuum packing of dried meat products and convenient for everyday use. STATUS EV500’s technical features are similar to STATUS HV500’s. The sealers only differ in shape.

Due to its small size, you can find a place for it on every kitchen counter. It is the perfect choice for families living in cities who appreciate quality food and enjoy healthy nutrition throughout the year.

Vacuum packing machine EV500 is developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


Functions and features of STATUS EV500 vacuum sealer:

  • Automatic vacuum packing (the machine vacuum packs food and automatically stops the process of vacuum packing as soon as it reaches the preset negative pressure of approx. –750 Mbar)
  • Manual vacuum packing of vacuum packing sensitive and soft food (the process is stopped manually)
  • Accessory hose for vacuum packing of Status’s vacuum containers and other vacuum accessories
  • Protective container for excess liquid
  • Electronic system adapted to approx. 10,000 cycles of vacuum packing

 The basic purpose of storing food in vacuum is quality and long-term storage. We recommend vacuum packing of the following foods:

  • Dried meat products
  • Fresh meat and fish
  • Fresh vegetables and vegetables blanched for the winter
  • Hard cheeses
  • Pasta
  • Dried fruit
  • Bread and other foods.


The most frequently used function is automatic vacuum packing (for dried meat products, dried and solid vegetables, and fruit):

  • If you have a foil roll, you must first make a bag out of it. Cut the needed length and seal – place the edge of the bag on the sealing strip, close the machine and press the Seal button.
  • Place the food in the bag, close the machine and press the Vacuum Packing of Bags button. The bag will be automatically vacuum packed and sealed.

When vacuum packing foods containing a lot of water (cucumbers, cabbage, fresh meat etc.) or soft and sensitive foods, use the manual function and side locks:

  • Place the food in the bag, lock the machine and press the Vacuum Packing of Bags/Start button.
  • As soon as you assess that enough air has been sucked out of the bag, press the Stop button. The machine stops vacuum packing and seals the bag.
  • As you unlock the machine, the food in the bag is ready to be put in the freezer or refrigerator.

Vakuum packing of other vacuum accessories (containers, lids, jar etc.):

  • Use the hose with connector. Adjust the accessory hose on the vacuum sealer and the bell-shaped part on the valve of the vacuum container.
  • Press the Vacuum Packing of Container switch and the vacuum sealer will suck out the air from the vacuum container.

Maintenance and materials

STATUS EV500 is an electric machine and needs to be unplugged before cleaning. Clean the machine with a soft and slightly damp cloth. Keep the machine away from water.

STATUS EV500 vacuum packing machine set

  • STATUS EV500 vacuum packing machine
  • 1 narrow foil roll, size 200mm x 1500mm
  • 1 wide foil roll, size 280mm x 1500mm
  • 3 small vacuum bags, size 200mm x 280mm
  • 3 large vacuum bags, size 280mm x 360mm
  • Connector for vacuum packing of containers
  • Foil cutting blade
  • User manual

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