Stainless steel soap
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Status’s stainless steel soap was initially designed for removing odours left on hands after handling garlic. However, it is also efficient when dealing with other unpleasant odours (fish, onion, nicotine and others).  When handling garlic, we recommend you use Status’s garlic cutter and peeler.

Stainless steel soap

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A simple way to remove unpleasant odours from your hands. Status’s stainless steel soap is a great kitchen accessory that neutralizes unpleasant odours. To use the soap, you only need lukewarm water.

Stainless steel soap removes the unpleasant smell of:

  • onion
  • garlic
  • fish
  • nicotine


The efficiency of Status’s soap lies in its chemical composition, as odorous food substances form a chemical bond with metals in stainless steel. The soap stays as good as new even after long-term usage. The stainless steel soap has a high chromium content that attracts the unpleasant odours from your hands and is highly resistant to wear and tear. 


The soap is used with lukewarm tap water. The procedure is the same as when washing hands with ordinary soaps. 

Maintenance and Materials 


The stainless steel soap is maintained by rinsing it under lukewarm water. Cleaning does not require any additional detergents.

If your stainless steel soap darkens over time, you can brighten it up again in the same manner as your stainless steel cookware – use stainless steel polishes or vinegar.                                                                                   


The soap is made of 18/10 stainless steel, meaning the steel alloy contains 18% nickel and 10% chromium. The same combination of materials is used for quality stainless steel cookware. 18/10 stainless steel indicates high quality and durable construction that is highly resistant to stains, rust and corrosion, while maintaining a bright, attractive shine. 

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