Spice jar

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Status’s jar for spices and herbs is designed for storing different kinds of spices –

  • all sorts of pepper, salt, 
  • coarse brown sugar, hot pepper, 
  • nutmeg, mixtures of exotic spices 
  • and other spices you normally use when cooking.

The spice jar is a component part of Status’s spice grinder, which enables you to grind spices and herbs with a single grinder core. Attach the jar to the grinder, fasten and start grinding! Status’s spice grinder is distinguished by its Crushgrind ceramic core designed for grinding various dry spices and herbs.

Owing to their unique design, spice jars can also be used as decorative elements in your kitchen or dining room. 


Status’s spice jar preserves the aroma of spices and herbs, as it can be closed with an airtight cover. Jars are available in volumes of approximately 100ml.

One spice grinder will suffice, as different spices stored in jars can be attached to it as necessary. 


  • Remove the cover from the jar and attach the jar to the grinder.
  • Remove grinder’s round cover to see the grey knob (grind size regulator).
  • Turn downwards and grind spices onto your food by rotating the jar.
  • The grind size of spices and herbs can be adjusted by turning the grey regulator (to the right or to the left).

When using the grinder for different spices, grind some coarse salt between each grinding cycle to prevent mixing of aromas. 

Maintenance and Materials


Spice jars can be cleaned with conventional detergents under tap water or washed in the dishwasher. 


Jars for storing spices are made of glass.

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