Spice grinder
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Culinary Tip

The spice grinder can be used for grinding all sorts of spices and herbs. Your body will be grateful if your diet will consist of more different spices and less salt. Spices and herbs have a positive impact on your health and general well-being. Experienced cooks prefer freshly ground spices. They use only spices and herbs ground or crushed just before being added to dishes.

Spice grinder

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Spice up your everyday life and enjoy the aroma of spices and herbs! Status’s spice grinder is distinguished by its Crushgrind ceramic core that comes with a 5-year warranty. It is much more than just an ordinary grinder for pepper and salt.

  • The grinder is designed for grinding all sorts of dry spices, salt, pepper, sugar and even dried chili peppers.
  • The advantage of the ceramic core is its hardness – salt crystals are crushed easily. The grinder is simple to use and works like a charm even after several years of usage.
  • The grind size can be adjusted (coarse, medium or fine).
  • The lower part of the grinder can also be used as a jar for storing spices. You can easily replace it with another jar and another spice. Thus, several spice jars can be used with just one grinder core. 
  • Amounts of ground spices can be adjusted to your needs. Grind the amount needed into the cover and sprinkle over food where and when needed.
  • The grinder can be sealed with an airtight cover to preserve the aroma of spices and herbs. 


Status’s spice grinder is distinguished by its component parts:   

  • mill with ceramic core and airtight cover that preserves the aroma of spices,
  • spice jar (volume of approx. 100ml) serving as a component part of the grinder and a jar for storing spices.   

We recommend you buy one spice grinder and several jars for storing spices. One grinder can be used to grind different spices and herbs. Each spice can be stored in a separate jar and the upper part of the grinder can be used with a jar of your choice.

Spices and herbs ground with Status’s spice grinder enrich the flavor of food, as freshly ground spices enhance food’s aroma.  

Essential oils released when grinding give your dishes a unique flavor, as grinding fresh spices just before adding them to dishes prevents oxidation and rapid evaporation of essential oils. Spices stay fresh longer and smaller amounts are used.  

Crushgrind ceramic core is produced by the company Ideas from Denmark, a pioneering manufacturer of quality mills. Crushgrind ceramic cores are built in spice grinders offered by the majority of recognized and quality trademarks.


  • Attach the spice grinder to the selected jar containing spices or herbs.
  • Remove grinder’s round cover to see the grey knob (grinder’s core and grind size regulator).
  • Turn downwards and grind spices onto your food by rotating the jar to the left and to the right.
  • The grind size of spices and herbs can be adjusted by turning the grey regulator.

We recommend you use a separate jar for each spice.  

When using the grinder for different spices, grind some coarse salt between each grinding cycle to prevent mixing of aromas. The spice grinder is also suitable for grinding dried chili peppers. Just make sure to cut them into 1 cm pieces before grinding.

Cleaning and Maintenance 


  • Spice Jar

Spice jars can be cleaned with conventional detergents under tap water or washed in the dishwasher.  

  • Spice Grinder

The grinder can be washed in the dishwasher. This is recommended when grinding different spices on a regular basis.

Some spices (e.g. nutmeg) contain a lot of oil that can make the grinder greasy. Degrease the grinder by grinding some coarse salt. You can also remove the lower part of the grinder, pull out the grey regulator and clean it with a small brush. 


  • The grinder is made of industrial ceramic with a 5-year warranty. The material is of high quality and was first used by NASA. Now it is also used for pistons in Formula 1 and aircraft engine parts.
  • Grinder’s casing is made of ABS plastic.
  • Spice jars are made of glass.

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