Spice and Herb Mincer

Culinary Tip

The Trieste sauce can last for several days. When you have to prepare larger quantities of food, you can mince parsley and garlic needed for the sauce in advance. The sauce can then be stored in the refrigerator or in Status’s vacuum container.

Spice and Herb Mincer

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Would you agree with the English proverb Hunger is the best spice? We prefer using freshly minced spices and herbs. According to culinary experts it is best if spices and herbs are minced just before being added to dishes, as they release essential oils, which enrich the flavor of food.

Status’s spice and herb mincer is most commonly used for mincing herbs, such as parsley, chives, basil, mint, celery, tarragon, sorrel, sage, thyme and others.

Main advantages:

  • Quick and simple mincing of spices and herbs.
  • Aromatic freshly ground spices and herbs.
  • A handy tool for mincing parsley and garlic for the Trieste sauce.


Status’s spice and herb mincer will be your preferred choice throughout the year, as growing herbs at home is becoming increasingly popular and a wide selection of aromatic plants can be found in stores. Spices and herbs give salads and other dishes a unique flavor, as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils.

Our satisfied customers say that Status’s mincer is of great help when preparing the Trieste sauce. The sauce is prepared in an instant. Just insert both parsley and peeled garlic into the mincer and mince. Add olive oil and lemon juice and stir. That is all. It is done quickly and easily.


Status’s spice and herb mincer is most suitable for mincing fresh herbs, e.g. parsley.  

  • Wash the selected herb.
  • Tear off the longer stalk.
  • Mince by rotating the handle.

The mincer is simple to use and suitable for both right and left handed users. If the direction of handle rotation does not suit you, you can swap the handle between the left and right handed position. 

Maintenance and Materials


Disassemble the mincer and wash its component parts under tap water or in the dishwasher. After cleaning, reattach the shaft and handle and close the mincer. Cleaning is recommended immediately after use.


Spice and herb mincer is made of ABS plastic. Mincer blades are made of polyoxymethylene plastic (POM).

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