Sous Vide Circulator SVC100

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Spend less time in the kitchen and eat delicious food every day.

Use our new secret weapon Sous Vide Circulator SVC100 and prepare healthy, flavourful meals for your family.

Sous Vide is a French term for cooking vacuum packed food in a temperature controlled water bath. That means all the flavours and nutritional values stay locked in the food.

Use Sous Vide technique for

  • preparing juicy, tender steaks,
  • flavourful vegetables
  • perfectly poached eggs.

All you need is one of your regular cooking pots and Status Sous Vide Circulator.


Status Sous Vide Circulator will heat the water in the pot to the precise temperature and maintain it for a pre set amount of time. Temperature settings are very precise, within 0.1°C. You can spend your time with your family or doing some other chores while your dinner is cooking. 

Satisfy different tastes by vacuum packing each guest's meal separately. For example more salty meat for one guest or different spices for each family member. Also great for people with allergies as food is not getting in touch with other ingredients during cooking.


  • Use 6-15 l pot and firmly lock the Sous Vide stick by clamping it on the side of the pot.
  • Plug it into outlet and the "power" icon will go on. The machine is in stand-by mode. Press the "power" icon to enter the setting mode.
  • Slide the scroll wheel to set the temperature.
  • Press the "settings" icon to set the time. First slide the scroll to set hours and then press the "settings" icon again to set the minutes.
  • Press the "power" icon to confirm the settings and the machine will start heating the water. (If you want to change the settings, press and hold the "settings" icon for three seconds and repeat the steps above.)
  • Place the bags with the food in the water and wait for the beeping sound and "END" icon to notify you the cooking process is over.
  • Remove the food from the bags and serve it according to taste.


To achieve the best vacuum packing and Sous Vide cooking results we recommend the usage of Status' vacuum packing machines and vacuum bags (not included in the set).

Status' vacuum bags are:

  • impermeable
  • food safe
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • reusable
  • useful as cooking bags

Foods packed in vacuum bags do not absorb the smell and taste of other foods. They take up less space in chest freezers.


Use dish soap, a soft brush and water to clean the heating coil, pump shaft and sensors. Do not rinse the top part of the circulator and the (black) body in the water.

Stainless steel skirt and pump cover can be cleaned with normal washing up liquid or in the dishwasher.

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