Small vacuum bags, 280 x 200 mm, 40-set

Did you know

The shelf life of food stored in Status vacuum bags is longer.

Vacuum bags are made of thicker foil and have a higher ribbed profile than similar bags on the market. Therefore larger volumes of material are used for their production. Foods stored in such bags are protected against external influences by thicker foil slowing down the decaying process. This is especially evident with foods being stored for longer periods of time (e.g. cured meat products, most of the food stored in chest freezers).

Small vacuum bags, 280 x 200 mm, 40-set

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Vacuum bags are used to store and vacuum pack different foods with the help of vacuum packing machines. Foods stored in this way stay fresh and preserved up to four times longer.

Small bags with the dimensions 280 x 200 mm are packed in sets of 40 pieces.

Small vacuum bags are used for storing:

  • meat, fruits and vegetables in the freezer
  • dried fruits and nuts on shelves
  • cheese and other foods in the refrigerator

Any food stored in vacuum, is stored well.

Vacuum bags are developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


Small vacuum bags are:

  • impermeable
  • food safe
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • reusable
  • useful as cooking bags

Foods packed in vacuum bags do not absorb the smell and taste of other foods. They take up less space in chest freezers.


  • When beginning to vacuum pack, close the lid of your vacuum packing machine without using a vacuum bag. Push the Seal button and press down on the lid.
  • Place the edge of the bag filled with food on the first sealing strip of the vacuum packing machine.
  • Push the Bag button and press down on the lid. The bag will be vacuum packed and sealed automatically.
  • Packed food is prepared for long-term storage in vacuum.

Specific instructions on usage are provided at purchase of every Status vacuum packing machine. For help also see the demonstration video.

Status vacuum bags and foil rolls are suitable for use with all types of vacuum packing machines.

Maintenance and materials


Vacuum bags can be reused as long as their length allows them. Clean them in your dishwasher or under tap water. Before reusing them, make sure they are completely dry.


  • Vacuum bags are made of double layer PA/PE foil. PA layer functions as an impermeable material and PE layer as a sealing material.
  • The foil is 100 and 130 µm (microns) thick, which is a professional thickness (standard bags are 20 µ thick) ensuring quality storage and impermeability.

The origin of vacuum packing foil

Vacuum foil is made in Slovenia. The materials are of European origin with all associated certificates. Status vacuum foil is being manufactured in Metlika from materials produced in high-tech European industries. The equipment for foil production is the result of our own knowledge and is being upgraded and improved every year.

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