Set for gourmets and pasta lovers, 3-piece set

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As pasta is the world’s favourite food we are sure you can’t go wrong with this set. Whether it is your mum or best friend, we’ve got you covered. Choose your favourite fettuccine or fusilli, add some sauce and prepare the table. Bon apetit.


Are you searching for a perfect gift for a pasta lover? Could you or your kids eat pasta every day? Store spaghetti in the proper way and enjoy the pasta the way you like it with some yummy Parmesan cheese on top.

  • Store homemade spaghetti in the 2.5 L round vacuum container and maximize their shelf life.
  • A vacuum pump is necessary for creating vacuum in airtight vacuum containers.
  • Use the universal grater to sprinkle pasta with freshly grated Parmesan cheese or perfect the taste of pancakes with chocolate and walnuts.

Set for gourmets and pasta lovers, 3-piece set


Container is made of BPA FREE material.

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