Set for baking festive cookies, 20-piece set

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Do you want to bring a gift to your  family? Make cookies. Do you want to keep your child to be busy all afternoon? Make cookies. Do you want to make something special with a personal touch? Make cookies.

Set can be a great gift!


Fun and easy way of baking and storing cookies for the whole family.

  • Upright Cookies are ideal for decorating a festive table or just to make your day.
  • With 10 Christmas Collection Items you can make delicious cookies and give them as a gift to your best friends.
  • Add a personal touch by writing words on cookies (for example: Good Luck, Have Fun) with the help of special letters.
  • Prepare a food-colouring mixture, fill the pen with the mixture and let your creativity loose.
  • Use universal grater and you will be able to grate smaller amounts of nuts with ease.
  • At the end of the day, use storage container for practical every day storage of all kinds of food. Your food is saved hermetically and waterproof.

Set for baking festive cookies, 20-piece set

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