Power Seal, 6-pieces set

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For extending freshness of all foods. With innovative sealing method the bag is suitable for airtight closure of all types of pastry, snacks, fruit and vegetable. Recommended also for extending freshness of coffee, cereals, spices and chips.


Airtight closure on any kinds of plastic food bags. The food is saved hermetically and waterproof. 

  • Food remains crispy and fresh.
  • Easy to use, lockers, refrigerator and freezer will be tidy.
  • Use for crisps, coffee, frozen vegetables, toast, rice, flour, cereals and many more.

Food remains:

  • Fresh and aromatic food: coffee, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta
  • Crispy food: potato chips, hazelnuts, cereals, other sweet and salty snacks
  • Hermetically stored food: mozzarella, soup vegetables



  • 2 Power Seal fasteners 17 cm long
  • 2 Power Seal fasteners 22 cm long
  • 2 Power Seal fasteners 30 cm long


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