Nut cracker
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Did you know? 

The nut cracker is one of Status’s first and most successful products. Due to non-competitive prices, it is unfortunately no longer manufactured by Status, however our brand name still guarantees its high quality.  

Nut cracker

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The best way to crack walnuts without the risk of injuring your fingers! Your kitchen will no longer be full of cracked walnut shells. Status’s nut cracker is a convenient kitchen tool for cracking walnuts, hazelnuts and some types of almonds:

  • Enables you to crack the shell of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds easily.
  • The shell cracks but the nut inside remains undamaged.
  • No force is required to crack walnuts. The product is also suitable for children.
  • There is no risk of injuring your fingers. 


Status’s nut cracker is a far better solution for cracking walnuts than a hammer, leaving your kitchen tidy and your fingers unharmed.

Are walnuts and hazelnuts among your favorite evening snacks? Since the nut cracker can be used as a decorative element for your table, you can have it at reach at all times. It is also a convenient decorative accessory for festive table arrangements made for Christmas or Easter.


  • Insert a walnut into the nut cracker, its pointed part turned downwards.
  • Apply gentle pressure on the walnut with your fingers and squeeze the handles. 

Status’s nut cracker is a great kitchen tool designed for cracking all types of walnuts. However, our customers say it cracks only larger hazelnuts and some types of almonds. Before purchase, we recommend you watch the promotional video on Status’s web site.

The nut cracker is also suitable for opening glass and plastic bottles with screw caps and sparkling wines. 

  • Simply place the nut cracker (its opening turned downwards) onto the bottle cap.
  • Squeeze the handles gently and twist to unscrew the bottle cap. When opening glass bottles, be careful not to squeeze the handles too strongly.

Maintenance and Materials 


The nut cracker does not require cleaning after each use. If necessary, wipe it with a damp cloth. 


  • Handles are made of wood.
  • The main part is made of aluminum. 

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