Narrow foil rolls, 200 x 3000 mm, 4-piece set

Benefits of Vacuum Packing

The vacuum packing process requires you to take some additional time when storing food. At the same time it brings an enormous difference in taste and quality of food.

By using a vacuum packing machine the air is sucked out of a bag and vacuum is created. The food is no longer exposed to oxygen and moisture which prevents microbes and moulds from developing.

The quality of vacuum packing foil also plays an important role. We aim for quality long-term storage of different foods. This can be achieved with vacuum packing foil of the highest quality and optimal combination of materials which guarantee long-lasting impermeability. We recommend the use of foil with thickness of 100/130 µm.

Narrow foil rolls, 200 x 3000 mm, 4-piece set

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Vacuum packing is a natural way to prolong the shelf life and freshness of food from local gardens, orchards, forests, bakeries, butcher shops and fish markets. Vacuum packed food stays tasty and fresh.

Foil rolls are used for making bags of desired length, which you then vacuum pack with a vacuum packing machine. Narrow foil rolls are 3000 mm long and 200 mm wide. Each set contains four foil rolls.

Narrow foil rolls can be used for storing:

  • homemade biscuits, cookies, croissants and bread
  • partially frozen strawberries, cherries and other berry-like fruits
  • beans, peas, sliced peppers, courgettes and tomatoes
Vacuum rolls are developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


Food can be kept tasty and fresh by storing it in a natural way with the use of quality vacuum packing foil. Foil’s special structure guarantees impermeability and preservation of vacuum packed food.

Status foil rolls are distinguished by several key features that are essential for quality food storage. Bags made from foil rolls are:

  • impermeable
  • food safe
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • reusable
  • useful as cooking bags


Use foil rolls to make vacuum packing bags of desired length.

  • Determine the length needed.
  • Cut the foil in a straight line and place it on the sealing strip of your vacuum packing machine.
  • Press the Seal button.
  • Wait for the vacuum packing machine to finish the sealing process.

 When the bag is made, place the food into the bag and vacuum pack it.

  • Place the filled bag between both sealing strips of your vacuum packing machine.
  • Close the lid and press the Bag button.
  • Wait for the machine to suck out air and finish the vacuum packing process.

Enjoy your safely stored and tasty food!

Maintenance and Materials


Vacuum packing foil can be reused for different foods. Clean the foil in your dishwasher or under tap water. Before reusing it, make sure it is completely dry.


  • Vacuum packing foil is made of double layer foil. Polyamide layer functions as an impermeable material and polyethylene layer as a sealing material.
  • The foil is 100 and 130 µm (microns) thick, which is a professional thickness (conventional bags are 20 µ thick).

Status Production Capacity

Status vacuum packing foil is being produced in Metlika under strict supervision of trained professionals. The equipment for foil production is the result of our own knowledge and is being upgraded and improved on a yearly basis. More than 85 tons of material are used for foil production every year. The foil is being sold in countries around the world under its own brand and under brands of partner companies.

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