Multipurpose Opener

Culinary Advice

Canned food usually lasts only a few days after opening the can. If you want to prolong the freshness of can contents, we recommend you use Status’s universal vacuum lid, which maintains the quality of canned food through vacuum. Universal vacuum lids are available in five different sizes. 

Multipurpose Opener

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The two main advantages of Status’s multipurpose opener are as follows:

  • When opening cans, it does not produce sharp edges. Therefore, there is no risk of getting cut.
  • It is hygienic, as there is no contact between the opener and can contents.

The multipurpose opener is multifunctional, combining up to five useful functions and allowing you to open different types of cans, jars and bottles. It can be used to open:

  • all types of cans (compotes, pickled vegetables, sauces etc.),
  • all types of soft drink, juice and beer cans, leaving your nails unharmed,
  • bottles with crown caps (mineral water, wine, beer),
  • glass and plastic bottles with screw caps (water, ice tea, carbonated drinks),
  • cans with a pull tab (tuna, canned pickled vegetables etc.).


The multipurpose opener produces „clean-cut“ covers and no sharp edges on cans, preventing you from getting cut and damaging your finger nails.

After opening a can, you can use the produced can cover to close the can again for storage, since tiny can particles or bacteria cannot contaminate the can contents.

The opener can be used to open cans with 1-1.5 mm edges and is therefore convenient for use in every household. 


Opening Cans

  • Push the handles outwards, place the metal cutting wheel on the rim of the can and push the handles together as you would with scissors.
  • Rotate the semicircular lever clockwise until the can is opened.

 Opening Bottles with Crown Caps (mineral water, wine, beer)

  • Place the multipurpose opener on the bottle cap as you would do with other bottle openers and push the cap upwards.  

Opening and Closing Glass and Plastic Bottles with Screw Caps (water, ice tea, carbonated drinks)

  • Place the rounded ribbed opening onto the bottle cap, press down and twist.  

Cans with a Pull Tab (tuna, canned pickled vegetables etc.)

  • Insert the curved part of the opener into the pull tab and pull. In this way your fingers do not come into contact with sharp edges and you have a much better access to the can contents.

 Soft Drink, Juice and Beer Cans

  • Lift the tab on the can using the flat handle of the opener and open the can.

Status’s multipurpose opener enables you to open cans from both sides (top and bottom). In this way the can contents can be accessed easier. This is especially useful when opening canned meat, cheese and other „solid“ foods. 


Since the opener does not come into contact with can or bottle contents, cleaning is nearly not required. After use, wipe it with a clean cloth. 

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