Mammas Cookie Cutters

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Baking of sweet delights has never been so simple. Mammas cookie cutters is a great assortment of 30 cutters for designing different kinds of cookies. 

  • Spend your family time in a creative way and have fun while making sweet cookies. 
  • Add a personal touch to your cookies by decorating them and writing words on them - words can be written manually or with the help of special letters. 
  • Various techniques for making cookies. 10 collections that satisfy all needs. Design cookies according to your wishes and for different occasions. 
  • Simple maintenance and long lasting quality. 


Perfect for designing a wide variety of cookies - filled cookie pockets in two sizes (great for pasta as well), cutters for upright cookies (Christmas tree, Santa Claus or Easter bunny), simple cutters for cookies in various shapes (footprint, hand, star, clover, heart, pear, truck, wrench), plate with cookie designs for making up to 23 different cookies at once, group designs for designing 4 hearts or 8 teardrops just with one cutter and others. 

Cookie cutters, a 30-piece collection:

  • Plate with cookie Designs - Make up to 23 cookies at once! Simply place the plate on a baking tray, cover it with dough and roll it with a roller pin. Cookies fall down to the baking tray and are ready to be baked. Different designs from hearts to puzzle pieces. 
  • Cookie Cutters with Squeeze Handle - Two available designs shaped as a star and a cloud. Quick and easy. Ideal for children. 
  • Folding Cutters for making Filled Cookies - Press the cutter into the dough, turn it around, fill the dough piece with marmalade or chocolate and fold the cutter. Two sizes of folding cookie cutters are also suitable for making pasta or tortelini. 
  • Cutters for Upright Cookies - Ideal for decorating a festive table - on the occasions of New Year's Eve, Christmas, children's party, family meeting or just to make your day.
  • Group Designs - Design eight teardrops or four hearts with just one cookie cutter. Cookies made with a group design cutter can be served individually, used for decorating cakes or put on a pile. Decorate and color your cookies according to your wishes. 
  • Special Designs - Special Designs are considered as basic elements of every rounded cookie cutter collection. 12 designs - from hearts and bells through handprints and footprints to ducks, dogs, trucks and many more. The shape of designs enables you to sprinkle cakes and other pastries. 
  • Letters and Numbers & Holder for Impressing Cookies - Choose letters or numbers, arrange them in the holder and press the holder into the cookie. Some ideas for inscriptions: Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Good Luck and many more. 
  • Decorating Pen - Prepare a food-coloring mixture, fill the pen with the mixture and let your creativity loose. Decorating pen is perfect for drawing curved lines, writing words and creating decorations on cookies or cakes. 
  • Recipe booklet with instructions for use - The collection of tested recipes for making cookies with assorted cookie cutters for all occasions. 
  • Designs for pets - a bone-shaped design for dogs (two sizes) and a mouse-shaped design for cats.
  • Additional Seasonal Collections - Additional assortments vary and are provided according to special occasions or seasons. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

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