Status Kliki Universal Vacuum Pin, 11-piece set


Your pickels or jam can be vacuum stored even after you opened originally closed jar. Vacuum prevents mold and losing aroma and keeps foodstuffs fresh longer.

Status Kliki Universal Vacuum Pin, 11-piece set

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Compatible with canning lids of every shape, diameter, and thickness and all hermetically closed containers with PP (polypropylene) lids. Close the unfinished marmalade, olives or tomato sauce with highest quality in vacuum and prolong their shelf life.

Use it to transform your PP containers into vacuum containers and store your food items in vacuum for more freshness.

The pins can be re-used over and over again.


Use Special Edition Vacuum Pump and Universal Vacuum Pins to create vacuum in any size or shape canning jar or PP container. Simply pierce the lid with the red hole maker, insert the pin and pump out the air. Your leftover pickles and other canned fruit or vegetables will be safely stored in vacuum in its original packaging.


  • Remove the red hole maker from the Special Edition Pump’s handle (see image above) and use it to make a hole in the lid of the canning jar or PP plastic container lid.
  • Attach the red Universal Vacuum Pin through the pierced hole.
  • Place the vacuum pump over the red valve and vacuum seal the jar or the container by actuating the pump several times until the resistance is noticeable.
  • The lid can be opened and vacuum sealed at will.


To ensure smooth operation of the pump, the pump should only be cleaned with a moist cloth. To ensure smooth movement, the outer tube should be lubricated on the inside with edible oil. Do not wash the pump in the dishwasher. Do not use any abrasive pads, rough cloths, sponges or abrasive cleaning agents.

Silicone Universal Vacuum Pins can be cleaned with normal washing up liquid or in the dishwasher. They are re-usable.


  • Special Edition Vacuum Pump
  • 10 Universal Vacuum Pins

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