Kliki Fresh Click, 10-piece set

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Make vacuum in a bag with new Fresh Clicks and Fresh Sticks. Very simple and finished in seconds.

Use the Fresh Click system for:

  • keeping food items fresh in your refrigerator,
  • freezing foodstuffs and preventing freezer burn,
  • storing food in an airtight and waterproof environment on the go.

Great space saving solution for traveling.


Status Kliki Fresh Click system is used for vacuum packing food in any plastic bag. Small, portable, user-friendly, and affordable. Ideal for when you are on the go (picnics, camping, fishing, field trips), when vacuum packing machines are not accessible.


  • Place the food item in the bag.
  • Place the bottom part of the Fresh Click valve inside the bag and push the red pointy part through the bag to make a hole. (see the image)
  • Attach the upper part on the bottom part from the outside of the bag.  
  • Remove the white, flexible plastic tube of the Fresh Stick fastener from the rail by lifting it on one side.
  • Fold the bag over the white tube and close it by pressing the white tube inside the red rail.
  • Place the vacuum pump over the red Fresh Click valve and vacuum seal the bag by actuating the pump several times.
  • The bag can be opened and vacuum sealed at will.


Clean by hand under running water or in the dishwasher with normal dishwashing detergents. Do not use rough sponges or strong cleaning agents.


  • 3 Fresh Click valves
  • 3 Fresh Stick fasteners 22 cm
  • 3 Kliki bags 20 x 28 cm
  • hand vacuum pump

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