Immune system booster, 3-piece set

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Life is about little things. Prepare fresh juice or special smoothie in the evening, store it in vacuum jug and enjoy it fresh and delicious in the morning!


Make your own juice when you have time, store it in vacuum and drink a glass of health everyday.

  • The peeler has probably the sharpest stainless steel serrated blade on the market and is great for peeling all sorts of apples, pears, kiwis, tomatoes, zucchinis, carrots, potatoes and even pineapples.
  • Use vacuum jug for storing all kinds of drinks - fruit and vegetable juices, milk and others. The jug is specially designed to fi t into the refrigerator door shelf.
  • A vacuum pump is necessary for creating vacuum in airtight vacuum jug.
  • Bestseller as a gift with slow juicers.

Immune system booster, 3-piece set


Jug is made of BPA FREE material.

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