Green Press plastic bottle and can crusher

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Every mountain cottage in Slovenia has a Status Green Press crusher to reduce the amount of waste in those remote highlands.

Green Press plastic bottle and can crusher

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The Green Press crusher enables you to reduce the volume of waste plastic bottles and cans up to 80%. The crusher is simple to use with no electric power needed. Made of quality materials it is suitable for crushing all types of plastic bottles and cans to one fifth of their original size. 

GreenPress efficiently crushes all sorts of drink cans and plastic bottles, from smaller bottles to larger ones up to the volume of 2.5 litres.

Suitable for:

  • Plastic bottles (natural, carbonated and mineral water bottles, isotonic drink bottles);
  • Plastic bottles containing yogurt, kefir and other probiotic drinks;
  • Juice, soft drink, beer and energy drink cans.


The product received an innovation award by the Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela krajina (2010) in Slovenia. Bestseller in Slovenia.

The most suitable place to install the crusher is where you usually dispose waste plastic bottles and cans (e.g. garage, storage room or basement). 

Dimensions: height 50 cm, width 12, 5 cm, handle 38 cm.


  • The crusher can be attached with the help of screws or double-sided adhesive tape provided. 
  • Before crushing, make sure the plastic bottle is completely empty.
  • Remove the bottle cap to allow free flow of fair when crushing.
  • Before you crush the bottle, hold the lower part of the bottle with one hand and press the handle downwards with the other.
  • The size of a crushed plastic bottle is now reduced to one fifth of its original size.

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