NEW Gastro vacuum wine set, 13 piece set

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Vacuum storage prolongs the shelf life of food up to 4 times. After opening the original packing make sure you close the bottle with vacuum stopper.

The oxidation process is slower and the wine keeps its quality until next usage.


Gastro vacuum wine stoppers are great to use in wineries, wine bars, restaurants and more.

Make sure that any guest can experience the best wine, no matter if you pour it from freshly opened bottle or from bottle closed with vacuum stopper.

Pump the air out of the bottle and make vacuum to minimize the oxidation process as much as possible.

Suitable even for freshly squeezed natural juices that are likely to spoil quickly.


The usage of vacuum stoppers is simple and efficient.

  • Open and pour wine in a glass.
  • To vacuum store wine, place the vacuum stopper on the bottle.
  • Vacuum pump the air out of the bottle using manual vacuum pump.
  • The bottle is closed, wine is safely stored in vacuum.

To open the bottle again press the valve on stopper. You will hear the air flow. Detach the stopper and the bottle is opened. You can vacuum the bottle as many times as you want.


Vacuum stoppers should be cleaned prior to initial use. Wash them under running water using normal washind up liquid or in a dishwasher. Do not use abasive sponges to avoid scratches.


Vacuum stoppers are made od ABS plastic and silicone. Both materials are safe to use with food.


  • 12 vacuum stoppers in white-grey
  • manual vacuum pump

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