NEW Gastro vacuum container, 8 l

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Gastro vacuum containers are designed for usage in professional school and kindergarten kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, kebab and vegan food servers.

Large volume containers ensure optimal storage, while vacuum provides the freshness of food up to 4 times longer.

Use 8 l vacuum container to vacuum store:

  • excess pepper, cheese or other pizza toppings,
  • fresh fruits for deserts,
  • fresh, half prepared or marinated meat.

8 l gastro vacuum container is available individually without the lid or in combo set by 6. The combo set includes 6 gastro vacuum containers of 8 l and 6 gastro vacuum lids.


The containers and lids are transparent through and through. No need to open the container and check what is inside.

Stackable: When they are empty, store the containers one inside of the other and save space. Place containers in piles when full.

All five volumes share the same length and width, they differ only in height. Vacuum lids are all the same size and one vacuum lid fits all containers. No more searching and fitting which lid is the right for particular container.

The materials are food grade, durable and BPA free. Refrigerator and freezer safe. They do not absorb colours or aromas of stored food.


  • Fill the container with food max. 2,5 cm under the edge. Close it with the lid.
  • Place gastro vacuum pump on the valve, located in the center of the lid. Press the button to activate the pump.
  • Vacuum packing stops automatically when the preset vacuum pressure is achieved.
  • Your food is safely stored in vacuum.
  • To open the container, press the silicone valve to the side. You will hear the air flow.

Vacuum can be created with Status electric vacuum pumps, all Status vacuum sealers or even with Status manual vacuum pump. We recommend you use extra strong gastro electrical vacuum pump.


We recommend washing up containers and lids prior to initial use. They can be cleaned under running water with normal washing up liquids or in the dishwasher.

Avoid the usage of abrasive sponges and strong liquids as they might scratch or damage the sealing parts or the valve.


Gastro vacuum containers are made of high quality material Eastman tritan TM, which is health-friendly, durable and BPA free material.

The sealing parts are made of food grade silicone.

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