Garlic peeler
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Did you know?

After long-term usage the peeler can be turned inside out like a sock and it is again as good as new.

Culinary Tip:  Passionate garlic-loving souls can get rid of bad garlic breath by chewing parsley. Peeled garlic cloves can be minced with Status’s garlic cutter and eaten with yogurt. 

Garlic peeler

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Don’t you just hate having smelly and sticky fingers after peeling garlic? Peel garlic with ease and make the most of its nutrients!

Advantages of peeling garlic with Status’s garlic peeler:

  • It is done quickly.
  • Unpleasant odors are kept out of your hands.
  • The peeler is suitable for peeling larger amounts of garlic (e.g. while making homemade sausages).

Cleaning is very simple. The peeler is dishwasher-safe.


Status’s garlic peeler is a great kitchen accessory that significantly shortens the time needed for peeling garlic. Whatever the size of garlic cloves, you can peel more cloves at a time. Garlic is peeled effortlessly, leaving your fingers unharmed, your hands clean and your kitchen tidy.

Tip: Since garlic is a natural antibiotic with no side effects, make sure that you turn the process of peeling and cutting garlic into a fun experience. A little secret – Status’s garlic peeler is a truly original and wallet-friendly gift.


  • Cut off the woody stem part.
  • Insert one or more cloves of garlic into the peeler.
  • Roll the garlic peeler back and forth on a hard surface applying hand pressure or rub it between your hands.
  • Garlic skin will stick to the peeler and the clove of garlic will be peeled in no time.

Use the peeler only for garlic cloves that were stored in a dry place, as cloves with wet skin may not be peeled efficiently.

Maintenance and Materials 


Clean the peeler under lukewarm tap water or wash it in the dishwasher.


The peeler is made of neoprene. Since the material is sticky, the garlic skin sticks to the peeler in no time.

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