Garlic cutter model G2, 3-piece set

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Garlic peeler peels whole garlic cloves without leaving your fingers sticky. So, short timing when peeling garlic and clean hands.

Garlic cutter's advantages are:

  • Because we cut it (not squeeze nor press), it preserves healthy attributes of garlic,
  • It is cut directly on the meal and just before eating,
  • All cut parts are cubes same sizes (3x3x3 mm),

There are no offensive odours left on your fingers.


Set includes:

  • garlic cutter,
  • garlic peeler and
  • garlic serving tray.


Peeler: Place the garlic cloves into the garlic peeler and roll the peeler repeatedly back and forth on a hard surface. The peeled cloves soon fall out, without the smell of garlic clinging to your hands.

Cutter: Hold the garlic at the lower part and withdraw upper part. Place the peeled and tipped clove of garlic into the container. Twist locking screw clockwise until it stops.  

Now garlic cutter is closed and ready for use. Hold bottom of cutter in your left hand and twist the screw mechanism to the right. The plate descends and forces the garlic cloves trough the stainless steel grate, cutting it with a small blade and produces perfectly minced garlic with each twist. Think of a pepper mil.

Serving tray: It can be also used as a stopper, it namely tightens up a cutter. Otherwise it is put underneath the cutter and used for storing of cut garlic.


You may clean the cutter manually or in dishwasher. The cutter can be taken into pieces. If there are some garlic pieces left in the cutter there is nothing wrong as they will modify into dry garlic powder and will not become mouldy.

To clean the garlic peeler, simply rinse it under the tap or put it in the dishwasher.

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