Food storage container, 4L

Did you know?

People use and like to give away products which visually appeal to them. This is why we have put a lot of thought in the shape and practical use, as well as in how to store full and empty containers. Containers were designed in cooperation with the industrial designer Tomaž Gorjup. 

Food storage container, 4L

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For tidy shelves, cabinets and refrigerator, use Status’s food storage containers. Maximise the use of precious space with rectangular containers, which can be placed one on top of the other. If you have the whole set, place the empty containers one inside the other.

We wanted to make them visually even more appealing and to everyone’s taste. Store all types of fruit and vegetables, homemade pastries or pre-prepared dishes for a picnic, whole-day trip or visit in the biggest and tallest 4L container. Don't worry. The odour will not spread in the kitchen, refrigerator or car, and the container will not absorb food’s colour.

The most important advantages:

  • Convenient storing of smaller foods.
  • Hermetically stored foods.
  • Since containers are transparent, their content is visible.
  • Quality and food safe materials – containers do not absorb food’s colour or odour.
  • Suitable for use in freezer and microwave oven.


Measures of the 4L rectangular food storage container:

  • Width: 24cm
  • Length: 20cm
  • Height: 15cm

The width and length are the same as of the 3L container so that you can place them one inside the other. The 1L and 2L containers can be placed inside the 4L container.

Containers are developed and made in Slovenia.


  • Wash the container before using it for the first time.
  • Close the container with the lid.
  • First lock the handles at the sides and then push them down towards the lid.
  • Open the container by pushing the handles on top of the lid upwards and outwards to remove the lid.

Maintenance and materials

Containers are long-lasting and can be regularly washed in a dishwasher.

Food storage containers are made of SAN material. Handles are made of ABS plastic and valves of silicone. All materials are safe to be used with food. 

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