Foil rolls for salami, 120 x 3000 mm, 5-piece set

What is vacuum?

Vacuum or negative pressure is removal of oxygen from a closed space, in our case from a bag or vacuum cani­ster. Reducing the oxygen level in the packaging lowers the risk of harmful oxidation reactions. Oxygen is an important factor in the formation of moulds and bacteria. Oxygen pumping (vacuuming) from a closed canister or bag prevents or slows down spoilage of food.

Foil rolls for salami, 120 x 3000 mm, 5-piece set

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Foil rolls for salami are great for vacuum packed salami as well as other smaller vegetable, nuts, seeds or fruit. Vacuum pack and store food as individual meals. Rolls are 3000 mm long and 120 mm wide. Each set contains five foil rolls.

Salami bags are also useful for storing:

  • homemade salami and smoked bacon
  • sliced carrots, cherry tomatoes, peas and asparagus
  • nuts and seeds
  • spaghetti and other pasta
Vacuum rolls are developed and produced in Slovenia, Europe.


Foil rolls for salami are used to store and vacuum pack salami by means of vacuum packing machines. Vacuum machine is indispensable in every kitchen. It is intended for natural storing of food and extending shelf life of raw and boiled food without losing its quality. Storing in the refrigerator, pantry or packaging that extends food freshness does not prevent the oxygen coming in contact with food.

Foil rolls for salami are:

  • impermeable
  • food safe
  • neutral in taste and smell
  • reusable
  • useful as cooking bags


First, make a vacuum packing bag of desired length.

  • Determine the length needed.
  • Cut the foil in a straight line and place it on the sealing strip of your vacuum packing machine.
  • Press the Seal button.
  • Wait for the vacuum packing machine to finish the sealing process.
  • Check the seal. It should be completely smooth.

When the bag is made, place the food into the bag and vacuum pack it.

  • Place the filled bag between both sealing strips of your vacuum packing machine.
  • Close the lid and press the Bag button.
  • Wait for the machine to suck out air and finish the vacuum packing process.
  • Check the seal. It should be completely smooth.

Delicious food is safely stored and prepared for long-term storage.



Clean vacuum packing bags in your dishwasher or under tap water. Before reusing them, make sure they are completely dry.


  • Vacuum bags are made of double layer PA/PE foil. PA layer functions as an impermeable material and PE layer as a sealing material.
  • The foil is 100 and 130 µm (microns) thick, which is a professional thickness (conventional bags are 20 µ thick).

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