NEW Easytiler - pliers for wall covering tiling

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When tile covering a bigger surface, use EasyTiler pliers for quick and easy work. No matter how experienced you are, you're tiled wall will be lippage-free. EasyTiler pliers for wall covering tiling are specially designed for comfortably tiling wall surfaces.


Pliers are:

  • adjustable by the tightening level,
  • adjustable for different thicknesses,
  • for professionals or DIY handymen.


  • Loosen the wing screw at the front edge of the pliers. Move the sliding part of the pliers into the suitable position by taking into account the thickness of tiles. Tighten the wing screw.
  • Adjust the tightening level with the black screw on the top of the pliers. If the screw is adjusted correctly, tiles will level up perfectly.
  • Put the wedge under the clip and place the pliers on top. In order to perfectly level up tiles, squeeze the pliers as much as the black screw, which you have adjusted correctly, allows you to.


Level the first few tiles by hand to determine the most suitable position of wedges and clips. Take time to adjust the pliers properly to the thickness of tiles you are using. It the pliers are not tightened enough, the floor surface may not be 100 % lippage-free. However, if they are tightened too much, the clip may break.

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