Double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki


Status Stiki helps you vith vacuum packing. The bag sticks to the tape and does not move or wrinkle. The process is user friendly and simple.

Double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki

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Reusable double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki ensures economical bag use and simple bag placement in the vacuum packing machine.

Easy to use and appropriate for all Status vacuum packing machines. Provac 360 set already includes 5 pieces of Status Stiki tape. 


Double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki is innovative solution for bag fixation to enable easy vacuum packing. Stiki is the best vacuum assistant you will need, since it makes vacuum bags placement easier and makes your hands free during the process of vacuum packing.

It helps with economical bag use and enables you to vacuum pack more narrow bags at the time. That way you save time and electricity, while the vacuum packing of bigger quantities is quicker.


  • Clean the surface of the vacuum packing machine where you want to place Status Stiki.
  • Remove the safety paper tape and place sticky part of the tape to the clean surface.
  • Remove the upper safety paper and you are ready to vacuum pack.
  • Place the bag with foodstuffs to the sticky tape Status Stiki and it stays attached for the process of vacuum packing.

REMOVAL: When Stiki gets dirty or the bag doesn't stick to it anymore it needs to be replaced with new tape. Remove it gently and clean the surface with alcohol.


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