An active mousepad Give Hand a Chance

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Exercise few minutes a day with active mousepad Give Hand a Chance, release your muscles and carpal tunnel tendons and have fun with it! Recommended by physiotherapists. World patented innovation.


Have fun while working at your computer. Use your time wisely while phoning or surfing the Web.

Exercise your wrists and fingers. Regular use will strengthen your muscles and carpal tunnel tendons and prevent or reduce the pain. Can be used with both left and right hand. Recommended by physiotherapists.

Mouse pad is appropriate for all optical and laser mice. With anti-slip mat and easy for maintenance.

Usage - How to have fun and work out?

  • Place your hand on the mouse pad and your fingers on the yellow circles.
  • Move the circles up and down with your fingers (your hand should never leave the mouse pad).
  • Try this every day when not using your mouse and it will soon become a pleasant habit.
  • Say goodbye to pain in your hands and wrists!

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