5-set of bigger rectangular vacuum containers

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Food in vacuum remains nutritious. Food stays fresh and healthy up to four times longer. Vacuum containers are space efficient, making it easy to keep your foods fresh and your kitchen organized.

Use set of vacuuum containers for everyday storage of:

  • fruits, vegetables,
  • bread, salami, cheese,
  • sweet treats,
  • leftovers, sauces, soups
  • and many more.


5-piece set of rectangular vacuum containers includes:

Use of vacuum containers simplifies your kitchen life by maximizing valuable space as containers can be stored in piles, on top of each other. They looks great on the countertop, in the fridge, on the shelves or in the refrigerator.


  • Put the drip tray into the container and place the food on it. 
  • Remove the air from the Container by actuating the Pump several times.
  • To open the container, press the Valve in the centre of the Lid.
  • The calendar on the lid allows you to mark food’s shelf life or the date when the food was stored. Mark a date of foods expiry date.

The vacuum containers are also ideal for brief use as a storage container.

Maintenance and materials


The vacuum Container and Lid should be cleaned prior to initial use. It can be cleaned with normal washing up liquid or in the dishwasher.


Containers are made of BPA FREE material.

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