3-piece set of bigger food storage containers

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People use and like to give away products which visually appeal to them. This is why we have put a lot of thought in the shape and practical use, as well as in how to store full and empty containers. Containers were designed in cooperation with the industrial designer Tomaž Gorjup.

3-piece set of bigger food storage containers

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The set of tall containers of three sizes (1 l, 2 l and 4 l) is useful for storing all types of food – from smaller to larger foods. Containers are shaped to be placed one inside the other when empty in order to take up minimum space on kitchen shelves and in kitchen cabinets. 

The most important advantages:

  • Maximised use of space due to placing empty containers one inside the other.
  • Since containers are transparent, their content is visible.
  • Quality and food safe materials – containers do not absorb food's colour or odour.
  • Containers are suitable for use in freezer and microwave oven.

Since empty containers can be placed one inside the other, they are perfect for vacations or weekend house. The 4 l container will be one of the rare things that will take up less space on the way back than on the way to the destination.

Containers are developed and made in Slovenia.


The three-part set of tall food storage containers also includes rectangular containers of three volumes:

  • 1 l container
  • 2 l container
  • 4 l container

Not enough space? Place the empty containers one inside the other! Place the 1 l container inside the 2 l container, and the 2 l container inside the 4 l container.


  • Wash the container before using it for the first time.
  • As soon as the food is placed in the container, cover it with a lid.
  • Lock the handles and push them downwards.
  • Open the container by pushing the handles on top of the lid upwards and outwards to remove the lid.

How to maximise the use of space when you have all six containers of different volumes? When empty, they can be placed one inside the other. When full, they can be placed one on top of the other.

  • Empty – one inside the other: 0.75 l inside the 1.5 l inside the 3 l
  • Full – one on top of the other: 0.75 l and 1 l on top of 1.5 l and 2 l on top of 3 l and 4 l

We recommend you equip your kitchen with containers of all volumes. Use them to get maximum space for storing food. They take up minimum space when empty.

Maintenance and materials

Containers are long-lasting and can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand.

All used materials are food safe. All certificates are available in the company. Containers are made of SAN. The material is BPA free and does not absorb food's colour or odour. It is also light and flexible so that it can be processed until transparent. Handles are made of polypropylene and valves of silicone.

Food storage containers are made of SAN. Handles are made of ABS plastic. Valves are made of silicone. All materials are food safe and have a long-term durability.

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