Status products are innovative and different from other similar products on the market.

NEW Baby food vacuum containers, 5-piece set

Your children deserve to benefit from superior quality products. Store baby meals in baby vacuum containers and offer them the most nutritious option.

NEW Vacuum Bags for Salami, 550 x 120 mm, 100-set

100-piece set of vacuum bags for true lovers of vacuum packing food.

NEW Small vacuum bags, 280 x 200 mm, 100-set

100 pieces of small bags for vacuum packing ensures you a yearlong supply, so you never run out of vacuum bags in the middle of the process.

NEW Large vacuum bags, 360 x 280 mm, 100-set

Save money by buying sets of 100 bags. Ideal for smaller cheese and salami producers, but also for families that have acknowledged vacuum packing as the smartest way of storing food.

NEW Easytiler - set of 200 clips with 3 mm stem

EasyTiler clips for thicker, 3 mm joints. System works the same as with classic (higher) clips: results in tiled surface without lippage!

NEW Easytiler - pliers for wall covering tiling

Use pliers when working on bigger surfaces. Quick and easy, no matter how experienced you are.

NEW 4-piece set of glass vacuum containers

4-piece set of glass vacuum containers is suitable for use in an oven, freezer, microwave oven and dishwasher.