Kitchen tools

Status kitchen tools make cooking and food preparation easier for both experienced and amateur cooks as anyone can become master of preparing delicious meals.

Onion Cutter

Dicing half an onion with one move into uniform pieces, without tears or offensive odour into the purpose collector.

Garlic cutters

Garlic cutter preserves nutritional properties of garlic. Garlic clove is cut to uniform 3 mm pieces.

V-Shape Slicer

A high quality slicing blade as well as simple and versatile usage of the Status slicer are proven facts!

Multipurpose slicers

Up to ten evenly shaped slices with one move and within seconds.

Fruit, vegetable and herb dehydrator

An excellent food dehydrator for drying all sorts of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs.

Cookie Cutters

Fun and easy way of baking cookies for the whole family!

Garlic peeler

Peel garlic with ease and make the most of its nutrients!

Stainless steel soap

No more smelly hands!

Spice grinder

Spice up your everyday life and enjoy the aroma of spices and herbs!

Meat tenderizer

Status’s meat tenderizer tenderizes even the toughest cuts of meat!

Spice and Herb Mincer

Chops fresh herbs and spices - parsley, basil, chive, thyme and others.

Universal grater

Grind and sprinkle where and when needed. Great for smaller amounts of hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate or Parmesan cheese.

Nut cracker

Status’s nut cracker enables you to crack walnuts effortlessly, leaving the nut inside intact and your fingers unharmed!

Fruit and vegetable peeler

With its first-class stainless steel blade this peeler is suitable for peeling all sorts of food.

Multipurpose Opener

Opener with five useful functions for opening all types of cans.

Kitchen tool sets

Set could be a great gift!