Kitchen tool sets

Set could be a great gift!

World of spices, 5-piece set

Spice up your life! Use one spice grinder to grind different spices stored in separate jars.

Status V Slicer 4-piece set

Salads, sauces, minestrones – all ready for cooking in only a few minutes! With super-sharp blades for dried meat products!

Garlic cutter model G2, 3-piece set

Everything you need to prepare garlic for tasty dishes.

Onion, fruit and vegetable cutter, 5-pieces set

With Onion, fruit and vegatable cutter you can dice vegetable or fruits into fine or coarse dices, e.g. small or big French Fries.

Set for baking festive cookies, 20-piece set

Perfect set for spending quality time with your loved ones and develop your creativity. Top-rated products included.

Cuddles for pets, 13-piece set

Perfect set for bringing joy and happiness to your pets.

Garlic cutter model G5, 4-piece set

New and improved version of G2 garlic cutter.