Gift sets

Status Innovations are great personal and business gifts. Both new and existing users enjoy using our products and will gladly recommend them to others.

World of spices, 5-piece set

Spice up your life! Use one spice grinder to grind different spices stored in separate jars.

Set for baking festive cookies, 20-piece set

Perfect set for spending quality time with your loved ones and develop your creativity. Top-rated products included.

Cuddles for pets, 13-piece set

Perfect set for bringing joy and happiness to your pets.

Set for gourmets and pasta lovers, 3-piece set

Store home-made pasta in vacuum containers, cook it and make sure to grate some high quality Parmesan cheese on top of it.

Immune system booster, 3-piece set

Make your own juice when you have time, store it in vacuum and drink a glass of health everyday.

Marinating container set, 2-piece set

Speed up the marinating and tenderizing process with marinating in vacuum.

First day of new job, 4-piece set

Surprise your new colleagues at work with tasty refreshments and positive energy.