Easytiler - tile leveling system

Evenly layed tiles with less effort and in shorter time.

Easytiler - set of 200 clips

EasyTiler system works great for bigger tiles. Tiled surface will be even and without lippage!

Easytiler - set of 200 higher clips

Higher clip is especially suitable for stone and marble. Otherwise, all the functions are the same as with the ordinary clips.

NEW Easytiler - set of 200 clips with 3 mm stem

EasyTiler clips for thicker, 3 mm joints. System works the same as with classic (higher) clips: results in tiled surface without lippage!

Easytiler - set of 100 wedges

For evenly layed tiles use easytiler clips and easytiler wedges. Wedges are reusable, 100 pieces are in a set.

Easytiler - set of 200 clips and 200 wedges

Use EasyTiler for evenly layed tiles! Set comes in a handy bucket, where you can store clips and wedges for the next time.

Easytiler - pliers for floor covering tiling

Even faster and easier tiling of bigger surfaces.

NEW Easytiler - pliers for wall covering tiling

Use pliers when working on bigger surfaces. Quick and easy, no matter how experienced you are.