Status products are innovative and different from other similar products on the market.

NEW Status Provac 360 vacuum packing machine

Professional vacuum packing machine. Very strong and efficient with new unprecedented functions. For food production facilities and those, who demand only the best.

NEW Horeca vacuum containers

Vacuum containers for usage in professional and industrial kitchens.

NEW Horeca Electric vacuum pump

Electric vacuum pump is professional kitchen appliance for creating vacuum in Status Horeca containers. Pumps the air out in seconds.

Kliki Family, 15-piece set

Starter kit that includes everything you need for prolonging the quality of food and creating vacuum in any bag, can or container with polypropylene (PP) lid.

Kliki Fresh Click, 10-piece set

Change any regular plastic bag into a vacuum bag in two simple steps.

Status Kliki Universal Vacuum Pin, 11-piece set

All canned goods can be vacuum sealed even after you have opened them. Transform any container with polypropylene (PP) lid into a vacuum container.

NEW Sous Vide Circulator SVC100

Become your own master chef! Make a perfect steak in your own kitchen.

Status Minivac vacuum packing machine

A vacuum packing machine that ensures all the benefits of vacuum but doesn't take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

Kliki Fresh Stick, 6-piece set

Sealing system for impermeable closing of bags and food storage. Ex Power Seal & Bag system.

NEW Double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki

Reusable double-sided sticky tape Status Stiki ensures economical bag use and simple bag placement in the vacuum packing machine.

COMMING SOON Vacuum Stopper

Vacuum stopper preserve freshness of wine and other beverages.

COMMING SOON Electrical vacuum pump BVP100

Simple and quick vacuum packing for everyday use.