Status’s dynamic business journey stretches back to the year 1995. Our first activities included development and manufacture of products. Soon we started independent marketing and expanded our business to domestic and foreign markets.

On average, we develop one product per year and make up to three improvements or upgrades to the existing products – some are no longer manufactured, some are sold out and others are still Status’s flagship products and bestsellers.

The major milestones that marked our progress over the years: 


  • Status celebrates 20 years of existence.
  • New vacuum packing machine SV2000 with a double piston vacuum pump.
  • Entering new markets: Russia, China, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
  • New vaccum packing machine under a different brand in cooperation with our partner.
  • Transition to a new BPA FREE material TRITAN. Supplier - Eastman USA.


  • New product: Status V Slicer 4-piece set.
  • Entering new markets: Israel and Australia.


  • New product: an active mousepad Give Hand a Chance.
  • New products in the category Easytiler - tile leveling syste.
  • Renewed logo and slogan Status innovations.


  • Development of a new vacuum packing machine: Status SV1000, which represents the new era of Status vacuum packing machine.
  • New product and brandname: Easytiler - tile leveling system.
  • New products: food storage containers.


  • First promotion activities on the international level: participation in the Frankfurt Ambiente fair (February 2011) and Berlin IFA fair (September 2011). 
  • Developing and strengthening relationships with business partners on foreign markets. 
  • New product: fruit, vegetable and herb dehydrator + V-shape slicer. 
  • Two new products: graters with fine and coarse Genius drums, container for storing grated food and holder for smaller food items (in cooperation with Genius GmbH).


  • Entering international markets as an independent trademark: Status – Kitchen Innovations. 
  • Launching cooperation with business partners in France, Czech Republic etc. 
  • Celebrating 15 years of existence. Status team enjoys a themed picnic as Native Americans J.
  • New product: plastic bottle and can crusher – an absolute sales hit in Slovenia. 


  • Status products are present in most of larger sales networks in Slovenia.
  • Filming 15 videos for presenting and promoting Status products.
  • New product and brand name: Mamma’s Cookie Cutters, a 30-piece collection for baking cookies (in cooperation with our business partner Studio moderna d.o.o.).
  • New product and brand name: Magus – pulsation therapy (in cooperation with our business partner Magus terapija d.o.o.).
  • New product: Power Seal & Bag – system for airtight food storage in bags.


  • Two new products: V-shape slicer and V-shape mini slicer.
  • New product: meat tenderizer.
  • New product variety: onion and vegetable mini cutter.
  • New vacuum packing machine model: EasyVac – vacuum packing machine for every household.


  • New products: group of cutters Snap ’n’ Slice for sale on the US market.
  • New product variety: new shape of garlic cutter – type G5.
  • New product variety: no-boil-over lid.


  • Developing a distribution network in Slovenia. The beginning of cooperation with some of the major retailers in the country. In the following years we continued to grow.
  • New vacuum packing machine model: FamilyVac – vacuum packing and sealing machine which is simple to use.
  • New product: electrical vacuum food saver.
  • New product: electrical vacuum pump.
  • New product: fruit and vegetable peeler.


  • Establishing a sales subsidiary in Croatia: Status – izvorna kućna pomagala d.o.o. Karlovac.
  • Expanding into new markets in cooperation with our partner company from Germany.
  • New vacuum packing machine model: HomeVac – conveniently small vacuum packing and sealing machine.
  • Improving SmartVac: the most powerful of Status vacuum packing and sealing machines.
  • Improving our onion cutter – upper attachment for cutting larger food items. 


  • Entering the Slovenian market and registration of Status – Kitchen Innovations trademark. Our commercial strategy: the best possible quality support for quality products. All customers should become regular users of Status products.
  • Company and shop relocation to new premises on Ulica Belokranjskega odreda 19 in Metlika.
  • The beginning of cooperation with our business partner from Italy (OEM products from the group of products for vacuum storage).
  • New product: onion cutter, second model.
  • New product: vacuum jar sealer.


  • Developing our sales strategy for the Slovenian market.
  • New product: developing SmartVac vacuum packing and sealing machine – the first vacuum packing machine made in Slovenia. First customers to buy this product are butcher shop owners and small meat product manufacturers.
  • Further development of a product group: expanding our vacuum storage product line with new containers and developing universal vacuum lids.
  • New product variety: new shape of garlic cutter – type G4.
  • New product variety: improved shape of mushroom and vegetable cutter.


  • New product: developing ceramic core spice grinder.
  • New product variety: developing garlic cutter – type G3.
  • New product: developing Tablo 1 bathroom shelf.


  • Expanding our vacuum storage product line.
  • New product: developing garlic cutter – type G2. An absolute sales hit!
  • New product: developing our first slicing gadget C1, the mushroom slicer. 


  • New product: developing our sports product line – 3-wheel scooter.
  • New product: developing our decorative product line – Magma lamp.
  • New product: further development of our vacuum storage product line. 


  • New product: garlic cutter – type G1.
  • New product: developing our onion cutter.
  • New product: developing the so called water lamp.
  • New product group which later became crucial for the development and existence of our company: the beginnings of our vacuum storage product line – group of products for maintaining the freshness of food.
  • Expanding a group of products: developing suction hooks. 


  • New product: developing our product line of Exklusiv over the door hangers.
  • New product: developing our product line of Vario hangers.


  • New product: developing the Sigunell cooking lid.
  • New product: developing our product line of Tablo hangers and shelves.


  • New product variety: developing the Vulkano frying lid. 


  • Strategic relationship with Genius GmbH from Limburg, Germany (OEM products).
  • Establishing our company with the aim of producing quality kitchen tools which facilitate kitchen and household chores.
  • Our first product to bring us sales success: developing our frying lid.