Status d.o.o. Metlika is a family company and was founded in 1995 after 15 years of experience in stand-alone business activity. We plan and manage the entire life cycle of our products - planning, designing, manufacture, marketing communications, sales and service centre. 

We combine knowledge from the fields of engineering, technology, quality assurance, design, economics, communication and entrepreneurship. It is our diverse approach that leads us to success.

Our work methods include:

  • developing new products based on detailed analysis of market needs,
  • manufacturing own equipment - independently or in cooperation,
  • selecting materials, buying and manufacturing product components,
  • assembling end products on the company grounds under close supervision of qualified experts,
  • selling products worldwide (90% in the EU and ex-Yugoslav countries, 10% worldwide).

We are convinced that every Status product can bring something positive into the life of our customers. We are guided by the belief that we should help our customers and make them happy.

Status production and sales programme includes:

  • Products under Status’s own trademark: the most comprehensive product group which is also of the most strategic importance for the company. Products are constantly being further developed and improved.
  • OEM products for trademarks of our business partners: some were developed independently, others in cooperation with our business partners. Some are also being marketed by Status. We are proud to manufacture some of the products for Genius GmbH, Laica SpA, WMF, Rösle and other companies.
  • Products as a result of cooperation with our business partners in every aspect of product development: from ideas developed by our business partners to marketing solutions provided by our business partners – we are pleased to participate in various cooperation projects. Among the most successful examples are cooperation projects with companies such as Genius, Studio moderna, Magus – terapija d.o.o. and others.
  • Marketing and servicing products of our business partners: the smallest group of products which successfully complements Status’s product assortment.